inPoetry App

Our poetry app, inPoetry, ​is ​now available on Android at the GooglePlay Store:

The inPoetry app is an ongoing virtual anthology of contemporary Indian poetry, bringing a new poem each week to your phone!

Starting with 10 poets, the app will allow you to discover extraordinary poems from India as well as the diaspora, and explore new voices as well as established ones. With inPoetry you can:

  • Receive a new poem delivered to your phone each week, curated by The (Great) Indian Poetry Collective.
  • Bookmark your favorite poems to share on social media or read later.
  • Search for poems by the navarasa, the classical nine emotions/moods of Indian art: passion, wonder, fear, anger, peace, sorrow, humor, aversion, and courage.
  • Select from award-winning poets and discover new voices from India and the diaspora.

Download it now and dive into the world of contemporary Indian poetry! Tell your friends and share your favorites.


No Android? We’re working on other platforms, but meanwhile,  you can still browse the poems here