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Angerfish by Minal Hajratwala

tongue sucking spine / vertebra by vertebra

How to Wear an Indian Village by Kuzhali Manickavel

If you are a man, have two tender coconuts even though they will make you

Taj Mahal-adori by Vidhu Aggarwal

I’m nostalgic for sensation, circa 1631:

Cutter by Rajiv Mohabir

Now,/hide your darkness in lines—/who reads poetry anyway?

The Abduction by Leeya Mehta

crammed strawberries into angels’ mouths but they / would not keep silent

One-eyed by Meena Kandasamy

dhanam sees a world torn in half. / her left eye, lid open but ...

Skype Window by Sumana Roy

someone said you have “tribal shoulders”.