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5.46, Andheri Local by Arundhati Subramaniam

to dice carrots / or dice a lover

Pankti in Five Padas by Ravi Shankar

So you remember Superman, / not Shaktimaan, veal not enthu / cutlets

How To Write A Poem by Bhanu Kapil

Have carnal encounters with anyone but another poet.

Memoir by Vijay Seshadri

If I wrote that story now — / radioactive to the end of time —

How to Wear an Indian Village by Kuzhali Manickavel

If you are a man, have two tender coconuts even though they will make you

‘A work of art is a problem’   by Sridala Swami

Down the avenue of swift and invisible nudes / a thin, brittle demon

Eaten Alive by Margaret Mascarenhas

Cannibal lover / you began with the lips

Taj Mahal-adori by Vidhu Aggarwal

I’m nostalgic for sensation, circa 1631:

A Brief Explanation of Mr. Subramanian’s Accent by Vivek Narayanan

The simple if mildly scandalous truth was that his accent/changed.

No Sex Please, She Might Hear by Jane Bhandari

Hey yaar, you hussy, who you / Calling on my husband’s cell-phone