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Address by Mani Rao

But I still wait for my perch in your arms

Where I Come From by Shikha Malaviya

My country is ahimsa, / My country is loaded gun

Malayalam’s Ghazal by Jeet Thayil

Open your windows to the fresh air of Malayalam.

Mediterranean by Sudeep Sen

A bright red boat / Yellow capsicums / Blue fishing nets

Nickname by Sweta Srivastava Vikram

I put jasmine oil on my wrist. / You draped my tiny shoulders

Eaten Alive by Margaret Mascarenhas

Cannibal lover / you began with the lips

Castaway by Menka Shivdasani

I saw the Brahmaputra in your eyes,/and dipped my small canoe.

Yellow Curtains by Anjum Hasan

The curtains are an act of selfishness./They turn the house neat, guiltless

Shiva, She Will Rise by Nabina Das

she will show her lotus palms, / nails of orphaned nights.

Cafè Mozart by Arjun Rajendran

The word in my mind is / gedankenexperiment;

Brink by Anindita Sengupta

We limp- / toed into womanhood in spotless socks,