Slow Startle

by Rohan Chhetri


Paperback, 72 pages, 6.6 x 9 in
Publication Date: October 2016
ISBN: 978-0-9860652-4-8

“Rohan Chhetri’s poems excite and surprise. They excite admiration and the surprises echo in my skin long after the reading. Everything is at stake here, in sentences that dazzle and console. I don’t know how else to say it—read this book.”

JEET THAYIL, Poet and Novelist

“At the heart of the beautifully controlled flow of Rohan Chhetri’s words is a still centre. A wise calmness survives times of turbulence and, sometimes, of shocking violence. It is cautious, guarded, yet open to the startlingly luminous revelation a passing moment can bring. For the stilling glow at the heart of such moments and for much else, I’ll return to this book again and again.”


“Rohan Chhetri’s unforgettable book of poems stops time and accelerates it. With language as bracing as it is smart, he has carved work that marks him as a powerful new citizen in poetry’s kingdom.”

MARY KARR, Poet and Memoirist


Slow Startle is a shining testament to the Collective’s mission of discovering 
and nurturing the best new poets coming out
 of India and the diaspora. Chhetri is a Nepali-Indian poet who has received poetry fellowships from the Norman Mailer Centre and Sangam House, and won awards from RædLeaf Poetry India and Toto Funds the Arts. A former editor at Hachette India, he is currently a University Fellow at the Graduate Creative Writing Program in Syracuse University. This is his first book.  

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