The Cardiologist’s daughter contemplates a heart

breaking open, four chambers 
                             of blood, bed clothes spooling red 
                             rain or one scissor

               kick, an organ attempting AWOL.
               She knows enough
to know these things
happen, the healthy spouse
               collapsing days after
                             the beloved.  She’s seen
                             the graves.
                             When will science
               learn what her father knows—
the heart is a house
               tended with dream, it gives in
                             when it wishes.
Originally published in Lifelines: A Literary & Art Journal from the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth and subsequently republished in The Cardiologist's Daughter, Two Sylvias Press, 2014. 
Natasha K. Moni
Natasha Kochicheril Moni, a first-generation American born to native Dutch and East Indian parents, writes and resides in the Pacific Northwest. Natasha's first full-length poetry collection, The Cardiologist's Daughter, was released by Two Sylvias Press in 2014. Her poetry, fiction, essays, and reviews have been published in over fifty journals including: Magma, Verse, Luna Luna, DIAGRAM, [PANK], Hobart, and Rattle. 
She holds a BA in Child Development from Tufts University, received her Post-baccalaureate pre-medical certificate from Mills College, and is a naturopathic medical candidate at Bastyr University.
Note: The poet is herself a cardiologist's daughter. Notice, too, how the shape of the poem mirrors the 'scissor kick' back-and-forth movement of blood through the heart.