this evening my memory turned translucent
like the bloom of moon jellyfish
we saw behind glass, exactly ten years ago
in an aquarium swim-dreaming neon

or, like the other time, I cannot remember
exactly how long ago, but you were toe-digging
sand on a summer holiday when the coastline
turned plasma out of the slush blue because there
it was trapped, pinned with broken bits of sea-shells
cushioned in brine, dead but refusing to decay

closer home, translucent like the used plastic bag
you let go from your hand yesterday unnoticed
now circling over some ocean yearning to hold
water over the wind mirroring tide swells

Sohini Basak
Sohini Basak holds an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia and works at HarperCollins India. Her writing has appeared in places such as The Ofi Press, Paris Lit Up, Ambit, Litro, and Helter Skelter. She is a 2015-2016 fellow of The (Great) Indian Poetry Collective.
Note: "Drift" won the Raedleaf Poetry Award in India in 2013. The poet says, "I wrote this poem because I wanted to be elsewhere: writing it made me think of some other times that I had felt the same, and a pattern seemed to emerge. This was what I wanted to map, or use as a map."